Out of Diskspace problem in UNRAR (B8 upto B17)

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Out of Diskspace problem in UNRAR (B8 upto B17)

Post by tvgeloof » Sun May 11, 2008 9:21 am

It seems that Beta 17 fixes the Out of Diskspace problems while downloading, but there is another problem that's still not fixed:
(Present in every beta since at least 3.9b8, never used anything earlier.)

The UNRAR module sometimes incorrectly claims that there is not enough diskspace for the unrar.
It looks as if the unrar module considers the required free space for unrar to be something like 2x size of RAR + size of minimal diskspace to leave free as set in the options.
This should be: Expected size of uncompressed content + minimal amount to leave free.

To make matters worse:
When this happens there is no way to restart the unrar form within NL.
Have to unrar with other software and remove the download manually out of NL.
Be nice..... We were all newbies once.......

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