Smart Select is too Greedy

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Smart Select is too Greedy

Post by Tig »

Smart select seems to have become quite greedy recently and seems to select far too much (compared to what it used to.) For example, selecting a TV show that has 11 episodes posted (and returned in a search) when I select Smart Select, it wants all 11 of them.

An example of this working would be;

Search for 'house s05'
Find and smart search on the set 'house.504.720p-dimension' (req 60229)
I currently select 95 (the set is 26 + pars)

Version: 3.95 B3
Operating System w/ Service Pack Version: Vista 32 Fully patched
Installation Method: Upgrade
Type of Installation: Registered (Beta)
Number of Servers: 1
List your provider(s)? Giganews
List of antivirus/firewall software installed: Vista FW - Latest Avast
Connections per server: 20
Server priority: 1

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