Newsleecher 4.0 Final process don't die on application close

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Post by klickeklick »

disabled AV - still same problem. XP and Vista compatibility mode - same problem.
There have been some patches put out from Oreans since the build that was used. With all the anti anti stuff these protectors use I think they cause more bugs and issues than anything. Not much else can be tested from my end. Isolated it to the app running within the %ProgramFiles(x86)% path. Can't access the thread with the hung window waiting to click OK, (Oreans protection). Provide a build protected with a newer build of Oreans and I'll see if the problem still exists. Or an older build just to rule the protection out.

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Post by nevermind »

sheepshagger wrote:ever thought its something local on your machine?

i have no issues that people are reporting, what antivirus and firewall do you use? it is possible that either one is trying to intercept data and keeps files open for scanning and isnt closing it down properly
No don't ever tought. Why should I ? It works before, and the only thing changed is installing of 4 Final. I use AntiVir Professional and the Onboard Windows Firewall. The App has to work with them and I do not plan to disable them. Programs that don't work with a standard virus scanner have the same odds like a snowball in hell on my system ^^

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Post by sheepshagger »

new software is likely to be seen different by antivirus and firewalls.

antivirus programs are well known for intercepting data and cirrupting data, if you are unwilling to disable your anitvirus as atest then i guess ther eis nothing more you cna be helped with

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Post by klickeklick »

uh any problems with AV will be from the exe protector (VM, encrypted sections, abnormal PE header, the packer is known for malware authors, just to name a few) not the actual newleecher app. The AV normally only causes problem at launch time while it's being analyzed and the code is being unpacked into memory. The error we are seeing is during the exit process of the app. One of the threads has caused an exception that is waiting for a prompt. These threads are protected access from the exe protector, as the VM shuts down the exception thread is locked in prompt and can not be accessed, none of the other threads created by the VM can be shutdown. Of the 40 threads created only 8 of them were able to close.
for more info the AV stuff, search for themida malware or themida virus. The protection prevents AV scanners from being able to detect the threats. That's why protected exe not valid signed and with abnormal PE header will be detected as threats by AV without any further scanning. To badger a customer for not wanting to disable AV is pretty low. I found malware hidden in official releases using a different protector where the forum leaders had been saying it was a false positive by AV. They lost a lot of respect because those customers were all backdoored by a nasty Chinese trojan and they disabled their AV by advice of the forum leaders... There are no md5 or sha1 hashes being provided by the author for the releases and malware authors have been know to replace installers. They are also known for infected source code unknown to legitimate software authors. Wasn't too long ago a popular compiler had its own lib infected, dropping code in every software developer it used. So unless you are the one who personally checks the code of this software, I would not advice the average customer to simply disable their AV for your own curiosity.

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Post by tobybunny »

I get the very same problem as well - tripping out single core of my quad core on Windows 7 32 bit.
Even stranger, it does this even if I switch on my PC without opening Newsleecher - single core tripping out at 28 % of total CPU when I haven't even switched the program on.
Checked this on task manager and there is Newsleecher.exe at the top of the CPU use chart without having used it for a week or more.
Even more annoying, the program refuses to open until you kill the process.
An official response to this would be appreciated instead of leaving this thread to all these different paid up members to report the same problem. I doubt an anti-virus can be the problem as i've never heard of an anti-virus thata ctually opens up a program and activates it by itself.
One thing os for sure - this is not a 4.0 final that is compatible with Windows 7 as the home page suggests - that is a blatant untruth as this thread shows.

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Post by schustf »

Have the same problem here. Never had this problem until the 4.0 Final. I have to kill the process about 75% of the time. Is there an official BUG report on this issue we can track the progress on?

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Post by tobybunny »

No, there is no official thread and they obviously are ignoring this problem and/or can't be bothered to answer us because there has only been one comment from any member of staff and that was December last year in an unrelated post about registry entries.

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Post by brittanystan »

I'd like to add my voice to the request for a response to this problem. I've been using NL for years and had never seen this problem (under XP).

My details: After a new clean install of Win7x32, NL 4.0 final does not complete its shutdown routine. The main program window closes, but the newsleecher.exe process keeps running, using quite a bit of resources. This happens with a clean install of NL as well as when using my old Appdata.

I would like some recognition from the publisher that this problem is at least acknowledged.

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Post by tobybunny »

I don't think there will be a reply because nobody who charges as much money as they do for what they proudly advertise as and call a "Final" release, wants to admit that they were wrong and it still has bugs.
It's not just in this forum (which is obviously only created to give the pretence that they are listening to you - just count the number of unanswered bug posts) - it's the same at technical support as well.
I have written twice to tech support over the last 6 weeks detailing the exact nature of the problem and have not received any reply.
Seems like a simple attitude really by the Newsleecher "team" :-
" If we can't fix it or can't be bothered - just ignore it until they go away - after all, - we already have their money "

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Post by starhi »

I also have this same issue happening, same setup as well: 64-bit Win7. Have not tried reinstalling yet though but will give that a go.

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Post by torch »

I have the same issue, Win7 32bit. I have to kill the process after I exit almost all the time. If I don't, it consumes a crap load of cpu.

they should release a fix for v4, or release 5 or both!

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