Backup hangs

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Backup hangs

Post by Arcueid »

I have frequently freezed of newsleecher.
I think my freeze in when NL does backup.

Currently I have around 5 minutes of "not responding" application's status in Newsleecher 4 Final, repeated around all 10 minutes.
I've upgraded to Newsleecher 5 beta 1, this freezing time in reduced from around 5 minutes to 30 secondes, repeated around all 10 minutes.
Thanks! 30 seconds is a good optimisation (10x faster), but still NL is freezing and downloading nothing during theses freezes.

My variable "Backup Interval in Minutes" is set to 10 min (lowest time). NL crash sometimes and I hate the most to re-download files because the queue is not up to date ! That's why I kept the lowest time.

I monitored NL open files from some hours. What I don't understand is why NL parse (recurrently, in my case all 10 minutes) all my previous downloaded files present in sub-folder of NL "default download Folder".

During freezing, the next action after parsing all files in sub-folder of NL "default download Folder" is to write in "dataFolder" these files:
- zlCache.dat
- zlSets.v02.dat
- setup.v2.dat
- downloaded.v2.dat

What is the meaning of parsing all files in "default download Folder" during backup interval of NL?

I have currently 37 322 Files for 922GB in sub-folder of NL "default download Folder" (grow every days).

It isn't possible to disable this masive parsing files? It will make NL more stable for me and problably for others with thousands files previously downloaded and still present in the "default download Folder".

If NL is manually in pause during a backup interval period:
The backup only up-to-date the file:
- setup.v2.dat
It doesn't parse all files in"default download Folder". Good thing, freeze only occur when you up-to-date downloaded/queue? files...

I try to copy new folder/files in my NL "default download Folder". During the freeze, NL don't parse these new files that I manually copied (filtered with Process Monitor). It probably only parse previously downloaded files.
I saw that my file "downloaded.v2.dat" has 3,08MB right now.
I tried to delete "downloaded.v2.dat". The file was re-generated during the interval backup (this file has now only 1,31MB). It still parse a lot of previously downloaded file present in NL "default download Folder".

I don't know where NL save the index of old downloaded files to delete it safely.

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