newleecher temp folder not deleted

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newleecher temp folder not deleted

Post by BSOD2600 »

Version: v5 beta 6 (also happened with 4.0 final)
Operating System w/ Service Pack Version: XP SP3
Installation Method: Upgrade
Type of Installation: Registered
Number of Servers: 1
List your provider(s)?
List of antivirus/firewall software installed: N/A
Connections per server: 10

Sometimes, the !! newsleecher !! temporary folder is not removed when a post has been completely downloaded. In Repair and Extract, it'll always show as completed with no blocks missing. I've got Enabled/Monitor/Repair options enabled. If I try to manually delete the !!newsleecher!! folder from within Windows Explorer, it fails stating the folder is in use. Sysinternals process explorer shows newsleecher has the a handle open for that folder too.

This problem was occurring with the v4.0 Final release as well as every v5 beta version to date. I do not have steps to reproduce it, as it does not happen all the time.

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