super-long subjects

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super-long subjects

Post by p0W3Rh0u5e »

I've noticed some posts/files aren't indexed via supersearch, i can find them via web-indexers.... Well not all of them, but a few can handle those subjects.

When i import the nzb into my nl-queue everything looks ok, until i restart NL. After the restart the subject line of those posts are truncated to something like this "[.fileextension" Downloading still works fine.

I guess its a problem with the length of the subject-lines, because the original subject lines are longer than 300 chars and if i edit the subject-lines to something shorter everything works fine....

I guess there is a limit at 256 chars? ;)

I think this should be fixed (i know its not a quick fix, because it depends on the database-format), but posts with such long subjects are increasing...

I would also like to have filter where i can define strings that are deleted from subject-lines (who needs all that advertising for irc-channels and communitys).

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