Hangs while headering

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Hangs while headering

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Well, most of the times that I close Newsleecher, I'm forced to kill the process because it hangs. I don't usually close it because I don't need it, because NL can refresh headers every ~2 hours or so. That part is great.

What's not great is that once in a while, it just hangs. It freezes over completely. Why? Who knows. Last time it happened, it happened during headering, it may also happen while just idling around. All I notice is my cpu usage going up by a flimsy amount (yeah, NL is very well multithreaded, but if it hangs, thank god it's NOT).

So what do we do about this?

I know, make a stability release! It's certainly no scret that NL has bugs. I propose to build a 4.01 release or something that fixed some serious bugs (like freezes and crashes) and nothing else.

How about that?

Certainly, I can wait for 5.0 and *hope* that it fixes some of my bugs, but it's new features, and LONG development process only increases the risk of bugs in new or changed features. So I'd rather not fight fire with petrol, so to speak. No offense - but history tells me I'll probably be right about this.

Newsleecher 4.01/4.1 bugfix release please?
Running Newsleecher 7.0 on Windows 10 x64, because 4.0 stopped working

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