Display driver crash

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Display driver crash

Post by mike.scargill »

Newleecher causes the display driver to crash after approx 30mins when downloading.

This affects both final and beta version.

This bug manifested when I upgraded my internet connection to a 76meg service. I therefore assume that the bug is related to the speed at which data is downloaded.

I have a sapphire HD6950 2gig graphics card with the latest AMD Drivers and am running windows 7 ultimate with service pack 1 and the latest updates.

I have reinstalled windows and have minimal software installed the bug only manifesting when I have installed and run newleecher.

The symptoms are a black screen with the mouse curser flashing intermittently when moved.

due to the symptoms I am unable to provide any other information as I have to turn the computer off using the power button as there is no other way to get a display.

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