retention of very bad

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retention of very bad

Post by lonewolf2nd »

Hi, I've got now a month the payserver of newsleecher to try it out and maybe have a complete package.
But my other payserver takes everything till 900 days but is a little bit more expensive. So I decided to try this one beside it.

The one from newsleecher wont even take things from as short as 0,3 days in the supersearch. also 3 or 5 days I've got problems to get it in, sometimes only header or very incompletes.
Then I select my other payserver and then it is no problem at all.

Why Newsleecher are you charging for such a incomplete product??

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Post by Quaraxkad »

Chances are the posts are being removed due to DMCA requests. This has been discussed at great length recently in countless other posts on this forum. Your other server, for whatever reason, is either not complying with DMCA or is slow to comply.

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Post by Spiril »

Yes, it's most likely due to DMCA take downs.

If you send NewsLeecher support ( through the support form on the website ) a couple of Message-IDs for articles that are missing, they can look further into why they are not available.

Also, please send all future queries regarding missing articles directly to NewsLeecher support, through the support form. They are dealt with much quicker then.
bug fixed. no idea how. hate it when that happens. trying to break it again now. will. not. be. defeated.