RAR-in-RAR detection bugs.

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RAR-in-RAR detection bugs.

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I've noticed a few bugs with this in RC1.

FIRST: currently I have this set to only pause on password-protected RARs. However, it is triggering on a non-password protected RAR with the pop-up error: "Archived Encrypted: Unknown - Could not Extract RAR-in-RAR".

Now, the RAR in question is a very small file, a tiny fraction of the total archive set, and is NOT password protected. The only thing I can think of, is if it's extracting on top of an identically named file from the previous set, this is failing and falsely triggering passworded detection.

SECOND: it seems to check for passworded RARs too often. For example, on the articles formatted the same as the above, if the RAR in question is at the END of the archive set instead of the BEGINNING - it still triggers the error message. However since the archive is already done downloading, it will still be extracted. The main issue is if the archive needs to be repaired, PARs will not be downloaded.

THIRD: why does this detection create a huge pop-up window that I can't disable?

FOURTH: when a queued article is paused as a result of password detection, IT DOES NOT SHOW AS PAUSED in the queue. All articles in the queue continue to show as actively "queued", however they won't download. To change this I have to select the articles and click on the PLAY button, which doesn't make any actual VISUAL change to status, but gets them downloading again.

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