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Bug Data report

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:56 pm
by slayer77
Version: 4.0 final
Operating System windows xp
Installation Method: Full
Type of Installation: Registered
Number of Servers: 6
List your provider(s)? Chelloo and UPC
List of antivirus/firewall software installed: AVG
Connections per server: Chelloo 9 con

Server priority: Please include one per server

Bug Description:
It worked fine till today, it gives me bugreports when I add an nzb file.
The specific folder with my NZB files returns to the original folder so I have to change it over and over again everytime I launch Newsleecher, so as my folder where to extract the files.
also newsleecher askes me to specify the overall maximum speed of my connections everytime I launch Newsleecher.
Dunno what went wrong but its really messed up I guess


If relevant for the bug, please include the log file contents too:

Log File Contents:
Bug Data1:

Bug Data2:
Access violation at address 008A6DD9 in module 'newsLeecher.exe'. Read of address 00000008.

Bug Data1:
Dupes database seems to be corrupted: 0

Bug Data2:
Invalid argument to date encode