key binding duplicate (copy poster is same as copy subject)

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key binding duplicate (copy poster is same as copy subject)

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When viewing articles and bringing up the context menu there are two commands "Copy: Subject" and "Copy: Poster"; if you hover the mouse over these commands you get a tool tip that gives keyboard shorcuts.

"CTRL+C" copies Subject and "SHIFT+CTRL+C" should copy POSTER but it copies subject instead. As there is no keyboard shortcuts for adding poster to watch or ignore lists; i was planning on using a macro to append poster information into a text file that could be copied back to newsleechers advanced filter dialogue. Obviously for that to work i need the keybinding for "Copy: Poster" to work.

Could we please get this fixed. I also notice that in Santas Wishlist people are asking for the ability to customize all menu options with keyboard shortcuts. This would be an excellent feature imo :D

BTW i am using NL Verison 5.0 Beta 18.2

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