server setting disapear

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server setting disapear

Post by dagon »

Anyone else having problem with server seting is empty after a restart or loosing newsgroup setting? the latest beta version every 2-3 restart i have to re-set all. For over a year that kind of thing happen on 2 different computer here

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Post by johnnysc22 »

I was coming on here to post this same issue.

For me, this is constantly an issue (for at least a year or 2) on all versions. There's no rhyme or reason when they disappear, but almost once every few months I go in and my server settings are gone. I use 2 servers, set at different priorities and sometimes both are gone, sometimes just one server is empty.

It's absolutely ridiculous this keeps happening. I mean, besides this, newsleecher is amazing and does some really complicated things with superleech, rar-password detection etc.... I just don't get how something as simple as saving settings is constantly an issue.

As I mentioned this is going on probably 2 years, and just as an FYI. I always am on the latest version of newsleecher, I do complete window reformats probably every 6 months, I have seen this on Windows 7, Windows 8 and now most recently Windows 8.1.

If you guys can't at least figure out how to make settings persist at least give me an option to export my server settings to an xml file so when newsleecher gets screwed up i can just do an import. As of now i have to go in my email, get my username and passwords for 2 servers, log into those accts get the server details then re-enter everything.

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