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Infinite loop when leeching.

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:44 am
by greymerlin
Hi all,

The subject on my last post (20131204 greymerlin) should have been:
'Infinite loop when leeching.'
Copied below to save you some typing.

Version: 6.3
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Installation Metho Upgrade (on a registered asccount)
Type of Installation: Beta 1
Number of Servers 1
Firewall: Home network
Block all connections that are not on the list of allowed programs
Antiivirus: Windows Essentials
Connections per server: 8
Server priority

Hi Spiril, 

Please add (as urgently as is practicable) an automatic (or settable) timeout or maximum number of retries (for a file, or set of files) to prevent endless failure loops (for a file, or set of files) when leeching.

The log gets lots of the following messages and the next download never gets processsed :
'Bot(n) disconnected from server: "". (0)'

I have noticed this behaviour with files that the search function has found that turn out to be too old to have been retained but there may be other reasons why a particular download might fail.

Several times I have left downloads running overnight only to find nothing (or very little) is there the next morning.
I.E. The leecher (after a failed download) seems to retry ad-infinitum causing a never ending loop.
Or (to express it another way)
I.E. The leecher attempts the same download forever, never succeeding, thus never getting on with the following downloads.
Or (yet another way).
I.E Long download queue but nothing downloaded (because the leecher gets stuck)

Thanks, Bob

Re: Infinite loop when leeching.

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:33 pm
by greymerlin
PLEASE, Please add a way to clear (or give as explicit instructions as possible for clearing) ALL Newsleecher queues to prevent Newsleecher going into an immediate and unbreakable loop at startup, ie: nothing can be achieved.