Is there something wrong with Newsleacher or Usenet?

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Is there something wrong with Newsleacher or Usenet?

Post by hvdkleij »

When I download something (e.a. top 100) I get the following error:

¤ Server response: "430 No such article". Part Msg ID: "Ov40vJ00vPfLzh2L9pR4@JBinUp.local". Part Format: "Unknown".


Error - Temporary file could not be created

This happens with all grouped files.

00:30:17 * Error Message:
Het systeem kan het opgegeven pad niet vinden

Could not open file (-1, D:\!temp\Newsleecher\\XXXXXXXXXXXX.VBR0 .\!! newsleecher temporary !!\1989527915) - exists: 0

D:\!temp\Newsleecher\\XXXXXXXXXXXX.VBR0 .\!! newsleecher temporary !!\


D:\!temp\Newsleecher is my download folder

A single mp3 file is working well.

Is there something wrong with usenet?

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Post by Smudge »

First, please do not post about pirated or illegally acquired software. This is against the Forum Policy. Please read the policy before posting or you will be banned from the forums.

Your post has been edited. Please do this next time your log contains any specifics of the files you are downloading.

Now, as for your problem, it is most likely due to the space and period at the end of the folder name (VBR0 .) which is not allowed in Windows. If you were to manually try this in Windows, it would just remove the space and period, which is probably what actually happened. When NewsLeecher then tried to download the file, it wanted to put the file into the original directory name which didn't exist.

If you used Leech Smart, try using Leech Specify instead and clean up the folder name so it doesn't end with spaces or periods.

I will move this thread to the bug reporting section as NewsLeecher should be able to handle this properly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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