Supersearch: Unrelated split files being grouped incorrectly

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Supersearch: Unrelated split files being grouped incorrectly

Post by Nypyren »

I'm using v6.5b2, but I don't know if this is a client or server side bug.

Recently I noticed that several of my supersearch results are much larger than expected. I examined the parts in one of them and saw:

filename.001: 52 megs
filename.002: 52 megs
(this goes on for a while)
filename.009: 5 megs
filename.010: 11 megs (what?)
filename.011: 11 megs
(this goes on for a few dozen more entries)

I examined the actual post by fetching the headers for the newsgroup it was posted to and noticed that only the usual 52 meg parts (plus part 009 which is smaller as expected) were posted there.

Then I found that a different poster had posted the *exact same filenames*, but with different part sizes (11 megs) to a different newsgroup.

It appears that Supersearch will sometimes incorrectly consider all of the parts to be parts of the same file-group even when a human would clearly consider them different sets.

In this particular case:
- The newsgroup the two batches were posted to were different.
- The poster name was different.
- The filenames were exactly the same, but the split sizes were different.

This is a relatively minor nuisance but a major waste of bandwidth...

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Post by Smudge »

Please send a PM to Spiril with the details of the search results so he can look into it.
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