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GUI Custom Scaling on Win 8.1 w/ ASUS T100 notebook/tablet

Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 12:33 am
by Rashomon
When I initially set it to 200 it immediately scaled it larger (too large) and it was difficult to reduce. I tried to set it to 150 but you cannot check OK or Apply as you cannot reduce the "Settings Dialog" as there are no handles to drag the dialog box and they are outside of the screen parameters (horizontal or vertical orientation).
It is a really nice feature as it allows the touchscreen to work (10.1") when separated from the docking keyboard. It shows how you are constantly improving the program.
Since I have the opportunity I will say I was concerned when you changed over to a monthly program but since I tried it recently it seems to be reasonable.
Thanks for many, many years of progress!
Keep up the good work.