Superleech/supersearch bug

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Superleech/supersearch bug

Post by Insyder »

Since I started using newsleecher v6.5 and all it's beta versions (currently beta 6) I experienced this bug consistently.

Steps to reproduce:

Make an entry in superleech for your favorite podcast video.
Close newsleecher to save save that setting
Open newsleecher and have it running until newsleecher auto-downloads your favorite podcast video
Wait until it's done downloading, repairing and extracting
Shut down your pc without closing newsleecher (killing newsleecher from task manager might do the trick too, not sure - didn't test, but when my computer suddenly restarts this bug happens)
Turn PC back on and open newsleecher
Newsleecher will try to download your favorite podcast video again
It will either give you error dialog boxes that you can click and they disappear, or sometimes it will give you error window where you can report it to author with a message on top of error dialog boxes. The error window pops up as soon as you move your mouse cursor to Queue tab window inside newsleecher.

This is happening because there's no auto-save feature of superleech/supersearch entries. If newsleecher was killed and not closed properly all progress and all entries in superleech/supersearch since the last successful shut down of newsleecher go away. Errors happen when newsleecher tries to download shows that have already been downloaded, it's just all records that those shows have been dowloaded were never saved.

I run my newsleecher 24/7 and once in a while my computer suddenly restarts (it's a 5 year computer, can't afford new one). This makes newsleecher bug out every single time when my computer restarts. I have to manually close newsleecher every time I make changes to superleech/supersearch entries, because if I don't, those changes will be lost. Please make auto-save feature work or at least a save settings button so I don't have to restart newsleecher every day. Thank you.

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