Error/crash on V7 Beta10

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Error/crash on V7 Beta10

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Hi, im getting this error when im updating groups in 7b10: Exception EAccessViolation in module Newsleecher.exe at 000CF32E. Access violation at address 004CF32E in module 'Newsleecher.exe'. Read of address 2820636E.

Im on Windows 7 64 bit


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Re: Error/crash on V7 Beta10

Post by scuba »

Hi D.
You can start trying to reset the config files. You can hold down F12 when starting the application and it will ask if you wish to load your configuration files. Start with not loading the General Settings File by answering No and it will launch NewsLeecher with the default settings. Immediately quit NewsLeecher to save the default settings to disk. Then launch NewsLeecher again and it should start up with default settings and hopefully no error messages. If you get more errors, try the same procedure for the other setting files.

Also remember to upgrade to newest beta version 12.
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