Access violation at address 00402318

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Access violation at address 00402318

Post by Icefreez »

I got this overnight and when I clicked close NL just kept on running smooth, downloading away.

I was downloading 50 mb files I had no active group loaded and about 230+ items in Queue. Running off 1 news server with 4 bots.

- Icefreez

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Post by richierich »

lol dude i get that coming up all the time i wish they would fix it cos its getting right on my tits now... I go to work and have a nice list lined up to download and when i come home guess what i have downloaded about 10 files and i have the same message on my screen and still loads of files to download....

Newsleecher is an awesome piece of soaftware when it works so please fix the bugs like this...


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