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SuperLeech is SuperSearch add-on service, used for automatic searching and downloading.
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Post by ichikuma »

I just tried the search I created yesterday and it worked. I missed the part about SuperLeech not finding anything until something new is posted, my apologies.

Thanks for all the help and explanation.

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Post by bigolyt »

Curious about the format for the match episodes piece. And since theres no way to search until it gets posted its hard to guess.

Lets say I want to start watching the 2nd season of newsleecher in 720p but I already have episodes 1 and 2.

Would my search QUERY be newsleecher. (notice the trailing .) and then under season I would put 2 and episode would be 3? Where would add the 720 piece? Under the query builder? Should the Query be newsleecher.720 and hopefully it will get me newsleecher.s02.e03.720?

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Post by Smudge »

The search query should be 'newsleecher 720p' which would match all episodes of newsleecher in 720p format. You then would set the episode filter to "Match this episode and newer" then set the season to 2 and episode to 3. This would start downloading Newsleecher S02E03 in 720p format and any following episodes.
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