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Help to filter out series posts from a user

Posted: Tue May 20, 2014 8:30 pm
by macros
hi all,

I have lots of superleech episodes setup, but I also download posts from a certain poster, in a certain group, with names that currently begin with [191

a typical post would be

[191785]- "191785"

this user also posts full series' as well as individual eps. they come along like

[191786]- "1-191786"
and go from 1- to 22- etc

I don't want to get the full season posts only all the daily posts they make (although I filter is down to <2gb in size as well) - I cant find any search criteria that seem to work to filter these out. seem to have tried loads. but superleech seems to ignore some symbols such as "

anyone help ? would be appreciated