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Superleech not very consistant.

Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:26 am
by daleidat
I am also finding Superleach very inconsistent.

For example: 123.S04E.
This is not the only title that does not pick up.

Using various permutations of the above still does not pick up consistently. By the time that it does pick up, the powers to be have put the voodoo on the post.

I am finding that it is easier getting up early, and downloading manually.
The only one who benefits from this function is the local store, with all the coffee I have got to buy to keep awake.

The earlier versions of Superleech were more reliable than the present version.
So for the time being, I have disabled Superleech, and I am continuing manually, and will do so until Superleech becomes more stable.
If I could be certain that Superleech would function properly if I deleted Newsleecher and all the settings on my hard drive, and start again from scratch I would do so. But as there are no assurance's that this would cure the problem, I am reluctant to do so. Otherwise all is fine.