First time using Superleecher

SuperLeech is SuperSearch add-on service, used for automatic searching and downloading.
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First time using Superleecher

Post by albaluvr »


I am pretty sure i followed the instructions correctly to setup a superleech entry. However, i keep getting no results. When i search using supersearch i am able to find what i want

The example in this case is the tv show suits. I'm looking for season 4 episode 2 and newer


Mode: Match Episodes
Filter: Match this episode and newer
Season: 4
Episode: 2

1:03:16 PM SuperLeech :: Sending manual SuperLeech match request to the SuperSearch service :
1:03:16 PM SuperLeech :: * Settings : Category <Gen> - Match Mode <Episodes> - Prev. Search <48s ago>
1:03:16 PM SuperLeech :: * Description : suits
1:03:16 PM SuperLeech :: * Search Query : suits. -.sample
1:03:19 PM SuperLeech :: No new matches for SuperLeech entry <suits>

The weird thing i noticed is that no matter what entry i put into superleech, the "search query" in the log always adds a "-.sample" to the text.


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Post by Smudge »

SuperLeech will only find new episodes since adding it to the watch list. It is not like SuperSearch where it will find existing posts.

As for the '-.sample' being added to your SuperSearch queries, you must have it configured in the settings to always include that sample text to all queries.
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Post by Bertjan50 »

I'm also starting to use SuperLeech and wondered the same thing, since SL would not download an episode that I could easily find using SS

But if SL is only finding episodes added AFTER creating the new SL entry, then why is a search performed immediately after the entry is made? Changes are VERY small that an episode will have been added in the one minute between adding the entry and the search :shock:

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