How does Superleech work - and not work

SuperLeech is SuperSearch add-on service, used for automatic searching and downloading.
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How does Superleech work - and not work

Post by chipili »

I have hundreds of search entries in SuperLeech.

If it finds one of the items I'm looking for I can capture the item and then delete the search.

BUT, sometimes SL fails to find a result.

The dreaded Error : Unable to receive a reply from the SuperSearch service

I think that when SL is run it captures the time it was run such that next time it only needs to search back to that date/time - for that entry.

On the above error if the search is rerun manually it seems to go back to the last good date.

BUT, it feels like (from search speed for example) if the PC is restarted SL holds the wrong "Last Date" and as a consequence, I have a hole in my search. - Sometimes the SS engine plays up for days at a time so I guess I get many holes in my searched over time.

I guess I can re-set an individual search by deleting and recreating it.

Is there a batch way of causing SL to search back further than the last date/time - or batch resetting the last search date on a number of searches?

Oh - and can we have a search field in the SL interface like in 'Downloads'?

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