Many CRC errors

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Many CRC errors

Post by centuryold »

Hey all, long time user here just getting very frustrated lately.

Everything I try to download and I mean everything (from supersearch and individual groups if it matters) is returning log messages about checksum errors...

Different groups, different posters it doesn't matter. Now this is mostly music and I of course understand about repair files and such been using this for years. Problem is when every post has every single track kicking out crc checksum errors there is never enough par files to repair everything.

Like I said years of using NL and dealing with incomplete posts is normal usage but I have Never seen it like this where Everything is messed up or is at least being reported as messed up/incomplete.

Am I doing something wrong? Has the process changed? I highlight what I want and tell NL where to put it and everything proceeds as normal but I can't get anything to dl without a full screen of red text log like the following:

4:45:35 PM ¤ Download Warning: yEnc encoded part (#68) is missing a CRC checksum value. Ignoring missing value and moving along, but the article *might* contain errors...

I cut out the middle part because it doesn't matter what I choose, everything returns more or less the same error messages.

Really even stranger is even after trying to repair, tracks still marked red as in unable to repair/not enough parts seen to be fine ??? Not a NL problem but just strange...

Hope I explained this well enough. Point is after years of working like clockwork, I can't seem to get anything without scrolling through endless CRC checksum value messages and I am not sure if I'm just wasting my time dl'ing stuff.

Any help is appreciated. NewsLeecher (Final 7.0 version) - Service is through Giganews
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Re: Many CRC errors

Post by AmigaMan »

try this nzb, I can download it with no errors with NL v7

have you tried using a different port with giganews Port: 563 or 443 with SSL enabled; 119, 23, or 80 with SSL disabled
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Re: Many CRC errors

Post by effiehaas »

I did everything, thanks for help.

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Re: Many CRC errors

Post by throwaway_april2021 »

This is 100% a giganews problem, as a last minute resort I started a trial period with a different provider and the problem went away. Havent had an incomplete download since I switched. I had been paying for giganews since 2005, mostly because it had a reputation for being "the best". So I feel pretty silly now for sticking with them so long, even though the problems have been there a while now. I just assumed it was an issue with usenet itself.

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Re: Many CRC errors

Post by Ophelia »

Hi there,

What do you consider acceptable CRC error rate for 10, 40 and 100G?

I have a couple of 40G ports in a LAG which have around 0,000047% CRC error rate -a bit different on each port- and I don't like it (Mainly because all ports are usually at a pure 0% CRC error rate, as we don't have long haul fibers).

But on the other side, this port has significantly more traffic than other ports.

I'm pretty sure there is something wrong -because it started happening today- but I'm curious about what you you would consider normal or acceptable in your infrastructure.


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