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Article queue question

Post by Aareco »

I wonder if anyone can help.
I used to use a previous version of newsleecher and i am pretty sure i could remove all the rubbish before the file name.

like this efnet presents request 1675 stargateatlantisxxxxxxx.stargateatlantis307.part1.rar

so all i got was " stargateatlantis307.part1.rar"
i have checked on the latest full version and i cannot for the life of me find this option.

Any help would be appreciated

Red Dwarf
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Post by Red Dwarf »

As far as I know you can only do this when using the Leech (Specify) option and remove the rubbish manually. If I'm wrong, please tell me/us.
Grtz RD

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Post by Lips »

It is possible that the OP is referring to displaying the message list in the Queue in Filename Mode. Aareco, if this is the case, there is no longer a global option to display the message filename rather than the subject in the message list of the Queue, Articles, and SuperSearch windows. The option does exist in the Articles window (Options | Filename Mode) and is not a global option, effecting the Articles window only. The Filename Mode option would need to be included as an option in each window that it will affect.


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