Newsleecher dumb in Vista64?

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Newsleecher dumb in Vista64?

Post by pixelmonk »

I'm not sure what's going on but since I installed Vista64 and tried using Newsleecher, it's utterly stupid. I've gotten more CRC errors than I care to mention. I asked Giganews and they said the problem isn't on their end. I tried different ports in newsleecher and I tried the eurotrash server. Nothing. I used Free Agent and the downloaded a set with no issues. This is specifically Newsleecher. I've had no issues downloading from websites or through Az with torrents, so this is specifically regarding Usenet newsgroups. I've done MEMTEST. I've checked for virii. I've checked my RAID drive set. Nada.

Well.. let me mention one example. If I download the SAME file 2 separate times I get 2 separate messages (one saying the file is bad.. downloaded the same one again, and the file is good). Yes, the CRC errors are completely random based on what Newsleecher thinks it should be doing at that moment.

4/24/2008 12:11:04 PM ¤ Article part (#41) downloaded but seems to contain CRC error(s). Article " ... " yEnc" from server "".
4/24/2008 12:11:07 PM * Downloaded file seems to be incomplete or corrupt. Converting filename to 'UPPERCASE'.

minutes later the SAME file.. GOOD:
4/24/2008 12:13:12 PM Downloaded Article " [article names deleted - read forum policy before posting] " yEnc".
4/24/2008 12:13:12 PM * Extracting and saving attachment " ... ".

Vista64, 8GB RAM, QX9690 proc.

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Post by Rtrick »

I am having the same issue.
I get more corrupt files using newsleecher than any other client I use.
I don't know what the problem is but now that I went to 64 bit it is getting so severe that even par files are not recovering the lost data its so much.

This will be my last month of subscription if this continues.

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Post by buffman »

ditto that.

I ended up running newsleecher in a WinXP virtual machine...


Post by betax »

Have no problems is Vista x64 at all(except memory leaks caused by newsleecher's bugs)
Check your configuration

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Post by Mattjva »

hmmm I hardly ever have a bad crc when I download. Matter of fact its been a long while.

Id do like betax suggested maybe your configs. Also make sure your cache is set to clean out frequently. If crc/error still fail for some odd reason I know its a great feature but you can turn it off in the configs. I use newshosting and I never have problems. I know giganews is the best so its kinda hard to question them in this. Of course theres always uninstall and install fresh but im sure some of you have done this.
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