Help! Corrupt Download Permanent, Unfixable.

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Help! Corrupt Download Permanent, Unfixable.

Post by ZaruenMakai »

I was downloading something using Newsleecher, and i disconnected from the server in the middle of downloading the file to change some settings and open more connections with my server.

Now every time i retry to download the file.. it downloads but instead of being complete , its always corrupted...

What i was downloading was a bunch of rars together, and this was part 17, all the other parts downloaded perfectly, but it seems impossible for me to now download part 17... and yes its green and not a broken file.... please fix this bug.

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Post by Thoreau »

I bet if you deleted the group cache, updated the group headers, and deleted the junk fileset, you would have better results and an explanation other than the app has a bug.

You do realize that getting a file list isn't the same thing as connecting to a database server or doing a mdsuim on a file. I'm guessing you don't.

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