Slow and Nothing Has Helped

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Slow and Nothing Has Helped

Post by The-Taylor13 »

So when I first started any downloading (about a year ago) my speed stayed contant between 800-1000kbs.

As of recent it maxes out at 350kbs...

I use Giganews, and have unlimited everything with 20 connections and SSL. I use Newsleecher and sometimes Grabit. Both experience the same problem.

This happened to me before while I still used Newhosting, so I switched to Giganews and it seemed like the problem was solved. But now I feel like it was just a coincidence.

What can I do? I have a feeling that if I wait it out eventually it will boost back up, but I also feel like there should be a solution that I'm missing...

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Post by Smudge »

If it is happening with Grabit and NewsLeecher then it is something on your system or perhaps your ISP.

Have you tried using a different port? Perhaps your ISP is filtering the 563 port. Try using 443 instead.

It could be your antivirus software scanning the traffic. Try disabling it and see if the problems continue. Just be sure not to open anything you have downloaded with your antivirus disabled.
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Post by flanders »

Moreover to what Smudge has adviced you, you should compare speeds with the age of downloaded articles.
For some reasons I have seen my speed halved when downloading very old archived files with my NG provider.
So if you notice speed changes then it comes from your news provider.

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