NewsLeecher and my firewall

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NewsLeecher and my firewall

Post by elbeavero »

Hello, It appears I cannot get NewsLeecher to work with my Anti-Virius. I was wondering if there was any help I could get beside haveing to change my Anti-Virius. Currently I am running Windows Vista 32-bit, and use Symantec Endpoint Protection. From my best description it appears that Symantec Endpoint Protection does not recognize NewsLeecher as a program that is running. If I disable my firewall, NewsLeecher works. It is not listed as a program running in my symantec network activity and but my symantec Log does show it as being blocked. I set a pretty open ended rule for NewsLeecher and it still does not work. Any one have any surgestions?

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Have you added the newsleecher.exe to the Network Threat Protection exceptions?

Or maybe in "Add a Centralized Exception policy"?

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how do you get around the firewalls for avg and verizon fios??? i think i got the one that is in the windows control panel, but I still can't get a good download speed ... :(

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