Download queue corruption...or wiped out headers?

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Download queue corruption...or wiped out headers?

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I have Newsleecher running on a Windows7 VM running on my ESX box and had a huge download queue going...keep adding stuff so downloads go pretty much 24/7/365. It is my dedicated downloader that uses Repair/Extract to extract it to my storage server.

Then the other day I log on cause I noticed my "extracted" folder on the storage server had nothing new...I check Newsleecher and it has an error:

Bug Data1:
wqewq:: 0 :: 0 :: 1

Bug Data2:
Argument out of range

...and all the items in my download queue are now colored as if they are all new. I have always heard of this as being "corruption" but since it seems it is only affecting some that I queued up on mass one night, it would appear their headers got cleared out.

Why? I wouldn't think the headers of queued items should be treated the same as unqueued headers. And FWIW, I do not download/browse headers from groups, I use SS exclusively which makes this even more of a piss off.

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