Showdown when empty - shutsdown before empty

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Showdown when empty - shutsdown before empty

Post by mrg9999 »

At night I often set shut-down when empty.
Mostly it works.
Occasionally it shuts-down mid queue for no apparent reason, so when I start it it carries on downloading.

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Post by GeeKay »

I get this and it's part of my bug I reported a month or so ago.


If I tell autoshutdown to do it's stuff when download completes, then the false status of 100% tells it to do so.

On resume (whether it be switching the pc back on or just relauching Newsleecher), it jumps back to 92% and finally completes the download.

If you don't tell it to auto close, do you get it pausing at 100%? If you do, tell it to unpause and it will continue.

I just can't get to the bottom of this issue even after a fresh install of Windows.

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