Newsleecher 5 Beta 6 on 3g Connection

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Newsleecher 5 Beta 6 on 3g Connection

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Hi I own both Newsleecher and News Rover, News Rover works fine on astraweb ssl over a tethered 3g connection on Win 7 x64.
Newsleecher won't connect at all to astraweb ssl but will connect to the unsecure server and download the newsgroups list and any queued files but the news stand section won't refresh. Supersearch however does work too.

When trying to download from on port 563 or 443 I get an error message "Resetting hanging connection on the "" server. (61 seconds of inactivity)" ... however News Rover works on those settings so I presume it's not being firewalled by my mobile ISP.
Newsleecher is working OK on my ADSL line but that is going to be cancelled soon in favour of 3g.

I'm moving from an ADSL land line to 3g because the speed is generally 3x faster over 3g compared to my obsolete land line and in the UK "all you can eat" 3g accounts are available now.

Any thoughts about getting SSL to work over 3g in Newsleecher would be appreciated.
Update. the Newsleecher News Stand is refreshing, but takes several minutes to do so.
Possibly it's something to do with Android & SSL on NNTP servers. SSL is working on mail and web servers though.

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