Application Bug

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Application Bug

Post by shpankee »

After multiple tries of contacting someone at Newsleecher itself I have decided to post my problem directly on the forum to see if anyone here can help me.

After I started Newsleecher on Friday I got 3 small popups: 1 was the regular Newsleecher license screen, the second was a notice that a new beta version was available, and the 3rd was an application bug. It seems for some reason all the server information had been lost, so I spent some time re entering it. After that I tried to search through the newsgroups and couldn't. I tried restarting Newsleecher and that deleted the server information again. I tired installing the Beta, and reinstalling an earlier version all came back with the same result.

Please help, right now I have a fully licensed version of Newsleecher that I can't use, and everything I try just frustrates me all the more.

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Post by shalom2005 »


I think what maybe a good starting point is to uninstall any version of NL you have AND ensure that AppData/Roaming/Newsleecher folder (in Vista/Windows7) is deleted, as this holds all the past server info etc.

The above 'should' ensure a clean install.

I'm no expert, but that's worth a try. Hope this helps.
Best Regards

Steven from Chigwell, Essex

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Post by MisterV »

I have the same problem.Even a clean reinstall doesn't work :(

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Post by hawk68 »

Thanks Shalom
Im up and running again thanks to your tips :D

Cheers Hawk

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Post by PJRed99 »

helped for me as well.

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