File skipped because it is either text or unknown encoded format

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File skipped because it is either text or unknown encoded format

Post by StoremanUK »

Every NZB I load at the moment just skips all the files with the following....

20:43:37 * Article skipped. Either text-only or unknown encoded article format: name of file here".

Newsleecher 4 final - newly re-installed because of a different error now this. I'm more than pretty certain that the NZB's are listing binary articles and I'm also more than pretty sure that the news provider hasn't allowed every file on their farm to get corrupted.

As the versions progress the more the program deteriorates

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Post by BlizzardUK »

As mentioned in a previous post on this forum yesterday in a similar thread, are you sure this is not a DMCA issue ? That is the same error message you will get for archives removed by the newsgroup server. Obviously I can't mention any names of things that I know have been removed as examples, but I do believe DMCA take downs have increased about 1000% in the last month on nearly all American based servers.

I can't guarantee that is the reason for your error messages, especially as we are not allowed to discuss file specifics, but lots of people have been getting that recently and it does seem to be the exact same message a take-down archive would give, and given how much those have increased, it just seems to be a high possibility.

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