Download folder Questions

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Download folder Questions

Post by bigolyt » Tue Mar 26, 2013 7:44 pm

I have a download folder location of F:\Downloads

I have the setting in newsleecher set to that location as the default, I have save to groupname subfolder UNCHECKED. Is there a way to have it move the contents of that folder if it cant repair/extract the data? What happens is if its missing a par or rar file and cant extract it will just sit there with all the rars and par files... causing the F:\Downloads directory to get messy if there are more than one of these.

My next question; is there a way to have different download locations?

For instance:


I'd like something that would read if the NZB had "TVSHOW.S01E01" in the name to download it to F:\Downloads\Shows. S01E01 being the trigger in that case.

I guess I could script something after the fact that could move it based on specific variables.... has anyone scripted anything like that before?

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Post by Smudge » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:30 am

If it can't repair/extract a set, it will leave it for you. There isn't an option to move them if unsuccessful.

You can setup the Extract Destination Manager (button at the top of the Repair/Extract page) to move files based on keywords in the subject or from the group name. For example, to have any files that you download from a linux group, create an entry with the query keyword of 'linux', the destination as 'E:\linux ISO images\' then choose the "Match keyword against article group" option.

It can't do wildcards (yet) so your idea of using S01E01 wouldn't work, unless you wanted to create entries for every season and episode. In this situation, set up an entry to check for the group name containing "TV" or "Multimedia" or whatever group you are downloading from.
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Post by bigolyt » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:37 am

That must be a new feature (I havent played around with the latest extract and repair features) but thanks for the info.

As far as the individual seasons, I'd be OK with putting ALL the seasons for an individual under the F:\Shows directory... doesnt have to be in an individual sub directory of that SHOWS folder. Make sense?

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