To Beta, or Not to Beta: That is the Question.

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To Beta, or Not to Beta: That is the Question.

Post by smedley »

There are five Newsleecher releases still in beta. I'm the type that stays with the last final version, but I'm worried that the last final version may become obsolete due to all the work that has been going on to support new features.

What version do you recommend that I use to stay current with what's being developed on the server side?

I also saw a news item that version 7 is in the works. Have any details been posted about version 7?

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Post by Destroyer »

Go for the latest beta.... :)
Please note: I am NOT official newsleecher support.

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Post by Smudge »

Or install both. You will need to install the beta into a different location (like C:\Program Files\NewsLeecherBeta\ ) then before you run it the first time, create a .ini file to tell it to look elsewhere for the data files (like C:\NLBeta\ ). Please see this FAQ on how to create the ini file.

This will allow you to switch between the beta and final versions as you wish.
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