What happened to subsearch field in SuperSearch?

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What happened to subsearch field in SuperSearch?

Post by shrake »

A couple versions ago the subsearch field in SuperSearch went away. For example, if I SuperSearch'd, "DVD 2014", and got my results, there was another field at the top where I could type, "*.avi", and it would instantly display only those files within my list. I used that a LOT! Please bring it back?

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Post by Smudge »

In the SuperSearch section of the Settings, make sure the "Enable Search Result Filter" option is checked.

Also since it is at the end of the window bar, depending on the pixel width setting and the width of the NewsLeecher window, there could be not enough space to draw it. Set the Filter Width to 100 pixels and make the NewsLeecher window wide enough to see all of the toolbar.
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