Buggy v6.5 Beta 6

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Buggy v6.5 Beta 6

Post by Ironside »

I have three Usenet providers I connect to.

Newsleecher is meant to check my main provider, if not found it then checks the second, followed by the third.

Newsleecher is doing something really annoying. If it cannot find the article it will progress to the second provider, or third and start downloading (As it should). But, since it didn't find the article on the first provider it will then start downloading the next file on the list/batch, or so on until it finds it on the first provider. So what I end up with is my bandwidth being shared with multi usenet providers downloading different files.

Newsleecher should not start downloading the next file on the list until it is finished downloading the file from my third provider (Because it couldn't be found on the first provider).

Now, this brings me to the major bug. Because Newsleecher will at times find part files on server 1, or server 2 it will download them, and finish downloading what should be the rest from server 3. BUT, I end up with a file that cannot be repaired as it says blocks are missing. Yet, if I turn off server 1 and server 2 and download only from server 3 the full file is there and unrars.

So grabbing bits from each of the first two servers ends up causing blocks to be missing for some reason.... So that is a bug!


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Re: Buggy v6.5 Beta 6

Post by Quaraxkad »

The current method of each server simultaneously grabbing the first available article is probably vastly preferred by users over what you're asking for. For me, it's an absolutely essential feature and here's why... I have four servers, one I pay for a monthly subscription, the next two are free, and the fourth is a paid block account. I keep the block account connections/bots paused at all times (not disabled, just paused). This allows me to review the articles that NL was unable to find on the first three servers, and lets me decide if I want to spend all those GB on my block server, rather than manually finding another source where I won't have to lose any block account GB. Then I can manually unpause the block server bots to download the articles if I think it is worth the $/GB. It prevents NL from using up all of my block account allowance without my knowledge, which could get expensive these days with so many DMCA's.

Regarding your bug, if I am understanding you correctly, that actually sounds like an issue with one of your first two servers sending you corrupt articles. In this case NL wouldn't know there's a problem and would never know to ask server #3 for those articles. As a test, you may try disabling all but one server, download one affected file from each server individually (three times, one per server), verify the resulting file, review the logs, etc, and see if anything seems off.

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