beta 7_7

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beta 7_7

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I've just updatedto the above and upon restarting have lost all my newsgroups, superleech and supersearch settings. I also notice that there is now no auto-update function for subscribed groups. Is there a simple way to get all the information back. I've tried re-installing 7 -6 but everything is still missing

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Re: beta 7_7

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Always read the release notes when upgrading to a beta.

Beta 1
#: Lots of changes in this beta!. It is highly recommended to make
a backup of your NewsLeecher settings and data before
installing. The settings / data folder is usually located in
the following path : %AppData%\NewsLeecher
Beta 5
#: This update contains major improvements to the group and queue
cache system. To make these improvements possible, the cache
file format had to be changed a bit. The upgrade to the new
improved format is done automatically by NewsLeecher, but in
case you want to downgrade to an earlier version of NewsLeecher
later on, is it recommended that you make a backup of your
NewsLeecher settings before installing.
Beta 6
#: This release makes format changes to the NewsLeecher data
files, so it is recommended to backup your NewsLeecher settings
and data files before installing, in case you want to downgrade
later on.
Beta 7
#: This version of NewsLeecher uses an improved file cache format,
so it is recommended to backup NewsLeecher settings / data
before installing, in case a downgrade to an earlier release of
NewsLeecher is wanted later on.
If you didn't make a backup, you can not restore your settings.

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