Multiple Server Header downloads

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Multiple Server Header downloads

Post by delta7 » Mon Oct 11, 2004 9:33 pm


Apologies if this has already been asked before. I had a look in the forum but couldn't find my exact problem.

I have 2 newservers configured. One is quick and has decent retention and the other is quite a lot slower but has a long retention.

I have 3 connections on the fast newsserver with priority 1 and 1 connection on the slowe newsserver with priority 2.

If a file can't be leeched from the fast newssever it will be leeched from the slow newsserver which is exactly what I want.

My problem comes when downloading headers. Ideally I want the headers to be downloaded from the fast newsserver but if the newsgroup is not available, then I want the headers to be downloaded from the slow newsserver ... i.e. work in the same way as when leeching.

What seems to happen is that the headers are downloaded from both newsservers for all newsgroups. This takes a long time on the slow newsserver so to get around the issue I have to get all headers on the fast newsserver and then switch on the header downloads for the slow newsserver for newsgroups not on the fast newsserver.

Alternatively, the ability to assign individual newsgroups to a particular primary newsserver would resolve the issue.

Are there any options to do what I want? Maybe I missed something?


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Post by Smudge » Tue Oct 12, 2004 1:41 am

This has been requested a few times (search the Wishlist for Santa forum). The idea to be implemented is the ability to define which server to get the headers from for each group. Lets hope it happens soon.

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