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Puzzling speed issue

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:53 pm
by Duke007z
I'm experiencing a strange speed issue after installing Newsleecher on my new computer. Download speed never gets above 2.5 mb/s on my 100 mb connection. I am running it on both computers (the new one and the old one) side by side. The download speed on the old computer is always in the 8 to 9 mb/s range. Both computers are running Windows 10 with the latest upgrades. The setup screens are identicle, both set to no speed limit. I intend to upgrade Newsleecher to the latest version if I get this issue resolved, but for now both computers are running version 5, beta 3.

The only substantial difference between the computers that might affect speed is the anti-virus, so I disabled it for all my testing. I have tried installing Agent and Grabit on both computers and downloading the same files, and get identical max download speeds every time.

Any ideas?