MyCourt was an integral part of 2K in the past

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MyCourt was an integral part of 2K in the past

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The archetype system is not satisfying its primary function. It's not yet balanced, and Nba 2k22 Mt I believe that there are stronger builds today than ever before. The critical issue is that 2K could not handle the weaknesses and strengths of every build. A center that is more than 7 feet tall and carrying 220 pounds should be unable to beat a guard on the court during the transition.

Point guards have been struggling to be active builds over the last two years. Being a point guard isn't an advantage. The faster speed of a Point Forward build is minimal. A Point Forward has more potential than guards do. I would like to be able to see 2K Sports address archetypes by designing builds with particular strengths as well as weaknesses. For instance, a small center will move quickly but their small dimension will make the task of defending famous players more difficult.

MyCourt was an integral part of 2K in the past, but it's been fading in popularity with the passage of time. It was MyCourt was a facility that allowed MyPlayers to enhance their skills through exercises. This was a great idea that encouraged players to put in extra effort to the game.

Since its introduction, MyPlayer's advancement has been limited to the practice facilities. The MyCourt is currently used to train HORSE. The MyCourt was once a popular place for players to fight their rivalries. Two players would have 1v1 games on the MyCourt, and the winner would win bragging rights.

It is now more common for players to face off on the stage and play against virtual currency in this kind of match. The reason for the MyCourt is not clear. The concept of the MyCourt being used by Pro-Am teams for training as well as relaxation appeals to me. Pro-Am is an integral part of 2K that has become more important with the advent of eSports. The MyCourt could be an area in which teams compete and buy 2k22 mt work out chemistry issues.

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