User compiled quick reference wishlist

If you got suggestions for new features or feature changes in NewsLeecher, go ahead and let santa know.
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User compiled quick reference wishlist

Post by daphatty »

There have been quite a few good ideas floating around this board, sometimes coming from multiple people. I'd like your assistance with creating a quick reference bulleted wishlist that users (and Spiril :wink:) can refer to. This will minimize the duplicate wishlist posts and will keep the idea brainstorming somewhat organized. Please reply to this thread with a brief description of the wishlist request and the corresponding thread link. I will edit the main post to include your contributions.

Note: This is not an official to-do list and is in no particular order. Do not expect the features in this list to be added unless Spiril specifically tells us otherwise. This list is purely for the sake of reference and nothing more. Also, this will constantly be a work in progress as requests get posted and (if we are lucky) fulfilled.

- Export NL Settings

- Simultaneously update headers across multiple threads

- Faster Hanging Reset

- Realtime server connection editing *** Several topics exist for this ***

- Expanded logging options and menu
Feature to be addressed after 1.0 Final has been released. See post for Spiril's official response.

- Auto-download files option

- Auto Header update option

- Bad poster blocking a.k.a. Plonk File

- Enhanced group filtering (Boolean Search)

- Customizable hot key feature
Feature to be addressed after 1.0 Final has been released. See post for Spiril's official response.

- Keep at Top/Bottom Download Option

- Scheduled Downloads Feature

- Decode Multiple Files in a Single Article
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Post by Spiril »

Excellent idea, daphatty! Appreciate it.

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Post by peste »

hey daphatty,
I think an important yet simple addition to the list would be the idea of customizing the tabs (tab order, which tabs appear) in NL. The way they are splayed now seems really unprofessional to me.

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Scan Usenet for incompleted from nzb.

Post by CypherNEUK »

Scan Usenet for incompleted from nzb.
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Post by Droid »

Import NZB files to specified or smart folder, from inside NL and from win/internet explorer (useful for organising files from newzbin Message-IDs)

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Post by Fedorov »

One I keep noticing on the Download Queue tab - how about having a double-click available on the Pause and Resume buttons to automatically Pause ALL and Resume ALL in the queue? :)



Post by Rambitology »

How would "Pause ALL and Resume ALL" be different from the pause button on the toolbar at the top? 8)

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Post by Fedorov »

Erm, I can't believe how long I've been using Newsleecher and never even noticed that button up there!!! :oops: I normally use the buttons under the Download Queue tab :)

Doh! :roll:


Post by Rambitology »

Ehh, learning a computer is a long process. That's what's great about a forum, everybody can pitch in with ideas. :)

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Post by Dabo »

I have a question, could there be an option in one of the next releases of newsleecher to auto-reset my connection after just 1 minute, cause my connection often gives an authenticate problem, but after a minute or so this is over, so 5 minutes is a bit too long for this.

I hope you understand what a mean, cause my english isn´t that good

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Post by thejas »

"smart select" option under "super search"

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Post by Smudge »

Um, that has nothing to do with resetting his connection.

But to reset your connections at 1 minute, change the count to 60 and the duration to seconds instead of minutes.

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Also clear Result Filter in SS after pressing Clear button

Post by Hakkie »

When pressing the Clear button in the SS page, the input -if any- in the Result Filter remains. When performing a new search, the results of this new search are also filtered on the remaining Result Filter text. Don't know if others agree or if I'm using this feature in another way as Spiril intended. But I would like to see the Result Filter input cleared when pressing the Clear button.

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Post by arneo »

- Export NL Settings related viewtopic.php?t=2271

Scheduled ********* Feature - viewtopic.php?t=3293
or in general Events, Automation or whatever you want to call it

ps: remove this post if added in main
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Post by SusiBiker »

The only problems I have with NL is -
1. With it not keeping parts of files when restarting NL and so the whole file has to be re-downloaded from scratch.
2. Not being able to download just part of a file and exporting the chunks for when some muppet has made a set of Pars at the sime size as the files and I want just ONE chunk instead of the WHOLE 50MB Par!!

Both of these rate a Grrr (tm) level of 10 with me.

Other than that, I now use NL for my main DLs and NBP for fills as in (2) above.
Fix these and NL gets my vote.

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