Option to add ANY AND ALL PAR2 files as paused

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Option to add ANY AND ALL PAR2 files as paused

Post by D-FENS »

I'm aware how this works with nzb files, but I would like to have the option for it to work with all PAR2 files added to the queue.

I initially posted this in bug reports, but apparently it's not a bug so I'm submitting it to the wishlist.

I always download to subfolders using ctrl-s or ctrl-y, so I'd like to be able to select a range of files to be downloaded and have the PAR2 files automatically paused in the queue, exactly like they are when importing nzb files if the option to pause PAR2 files is checked.

If I determined that I needed the PAR2 files all I would have to do is unpause them and let them download to the same subfolder all the other files went to in that set.

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Post by homerboy »

as I responded in your other thread, this is a brilliant idea and makes COMPLETE sense.

Would save me lots of time and effort too.

There was another request floating out there that created an entirely new 2nd queue strictly for par files... thats not a bad idea either. Keeping them paused there too.
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Post by DevilsRejection »

Agreed this is a great idea, and it only makes sense. :D

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Post by elite »

same here - a great idea that would save a bit of tiem for me
coz I go ctrl d and then do a ctrl p for each set..
If this is implement Iw old jsut do one ctrl d for all files..

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