Higher Priority for repair'n extract

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Higher Priority for repair'n extract

Post by Liquidambar »

I have a pretty fast connection of 50 Mbit. When downloading at full speed, repair'n extract just can't keep up with the parts being downloaded.

In the end no archive's will be unpacked and deleted, so I end up with a full HDD.

Is it in any way possible to give repair'n extract a higher priority then downloading?

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Post by Smudge »

RnE is a slow process due to the nature of extracting files from archives. It can only get faster if you have a faster machine, RAIDed drives or virtual drives in memory, etc.

In general, you are not going to get RnE to extract files at the same 50Mbit speeds.
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Post by elite »

or the other option is to increase the Hard drive space to allow a greater time before it gets full...

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Post by reddevil666 »

Well, it should be able to go much faster. Quickpar for example is way faster then the RnE. If you download a lot of small files in a PAR compilation, it takes a while before it initializes (or whatever) and start verifying each file. Quickpar starts each file much faster thus the overall speed is faster. Hope something can be done about that.

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