Auto-Reset amount transferred on a server

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Auto-Reset amount transferred on a server

Post by crocolord »

With Comcast implementing official transfer caps, I think it'd be useful to be able to have the meter in Newsleecher autoreset on a date, and/or maybe have a warning. So, be able to set a date that on each month the usage resets to zero, and a warning that says maybe if someone hits 240GB it lets you know.

I don't really ever get near those amounts but who knows, maybe I will someday. I like having the total transfer amounts though, so a separate gauge(think trip meter vs odometer in a car) would be nice.

Now that I think about it though, per server isn't total useful for people that use multiple services. I don't, so maybe just total bandwidth of NL per get the idea...

I don't know about everyone else but the majority of my traffic is usenet, so the relatively minor amount that wouldn't be captured from a meter in newsleecher doesn't worry me. :)

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Post by Smudge »

It would be a convenient feature but I would have to recommend an external metering program instead. Those already have want you are asking for and it would be monitoring all your computer traffic, not just NewsLeecher.

Althought I don't use one myself, but being a Comcast user I guess I should, but i've heard good things about NetMeter and DUMeter.
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Post by betax »

Its not the developers fault you have a poor,abusive isp.Adding such a feature would only bloat it more.Get dumeter

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Post by crocolord »

betax: nor did I blame NL for it. Since NL is tracking transfer volume anyway, I didn't see what the big deal was for asking for an auto reset.

Anyway, I decided since I have multiple machines it'll probably be better to see if I can extract transfer from the snmp counters on my router.


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Post by Tig »

One wonders what the legal requirements of Comcast would be with regard to providing up-to-date usage information upon request so a user can verify (or indeed compare with their own captured data) how much data transfer has taken place.

It is quite annoying to see this world wide trend of "Oh God, they actually want to use all those megabytes of bandwidth we SELL to them - Panic! Panic! Panic!"

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