LMB doubleclick default to OPEN [Ctrl]+[R]

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LMB doubleclick default to OPEN [Ctrl]+[R]

Post by Koogle »

seriosuly.. it would be much better if double clicking would do the same as ctrl+r ... its stupid that even now dbl clicking on a file entry downloads it too a folder.. if i want to download items, I either make a selection, and/or I use the smart Leech download methods .... being able to quickly open a single files like: image,music,nfo text etc with dbl click would be much better.

at least provide an option for it.

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Post by FuzzyDog »

I second this. It makes complete sense to default double clicking to "open" a selection.

Please at least provide option for this. I browse lots of image groups and right clicking or using the control R option is a hassle just to quickly sample images (or music) etc.

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Post by obisean »


Atleast for a check box option.

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Post by Grinch843 »

Yes! Please!

I've posted a few times asking for this over the last several years. It would make viewing txt msgs, Pics, and other files much more convenient.

At least have an option to toggle between Open or Add to the queue.


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