Would like to see a few past features return + my others

If you got suggestions for new features or feature changes in NewsLeecher, go ahead and let santa know.
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Would like to see a few past features return + my others

Post by Chinch »

There used to be an option where you could "define" extentions for binary files in the options.

1) i would love to see the return of the dropdown/toolbar in the articles view that allowed you to select/deselect what to show, for instance -> incomplete files, binary only, text only, etc. this seems to be missing from the new version. i see you are re-adding features, and i think this is one of the ones i miss most... allowed me to easily hide/unhide all incomplete files, or show only files i have defined in my list (binary) and exclude any other file types. (for even better, reference my post about my 'omnibar idea')

2) i love the new threading feature of v4. i also notice that it groups par,sfv,nfo files separately from say, rar files, etc. could you implement the option to group these files WITH the rest of the collection, instead of a second listing? (as said, optional of course, cause there will be those that prefer the other method).

3) would also just like to see if you could continue to improve threading, as i notice that a lot of "collections" are not threaded simply because a number is different in the subject line (say if the sequence number is listed in the subject line, or incremental filename). threading seems to be generally effective, but maybe a little more intelligent handling of how it threads... maybe if the first xx characters are identical, or some sort of "close enough" approach, that would be great!

4) windows 7 task icon/tasklist support, utilize that API!

5) "rules" or "conditions" (that can be based on filters) such as IF Subject CONTAINS "Rape" DELETE ---- and have your own custom list of them.. partially accomplished now via existing filters, but could be more powerful

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Bring back save queue

Post by Ironside »

I would like to see the option of being able to save/load the queue again. (Was an option in the queue tab/import nzb)

Someimes I could have multiple files loaded into the queue and then may just wish to grab something new quickly. Rather than loading it and figuring out which files they are so I can move to top of queue I would just like to be able to once again save current queue/s. Then load in my new NZB, download, and then reload the old queue.

Presently I have a secondary newsreader to handle this for an option we once had.

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